Cutting through to the essence of the idea

At Pfaffmann + Associates, we believe great architecture is the result of an ability to “cut through” to focus on the essence of a design solution. We must be pragmatic visionaries to see through the complexities of building, and reveal the essence of the idea. Our work is tightly focused on reconciling our client, user and community needs.

We believe that the essence of the idea is often explored first through a series of collaborative sketches — and these drafts fuel a lively and constructive dialog that is user-centric.

Mastering the details

While clear strategies and ideas are essential to responsive, sustainable architecture, success also requires attention to the smallest details. Because we believe all these details must be thoroughly mastered, we maintain a high level of involvement at every stage of projects — not just at the conceptual stage. At P+A, you won’t meet initially with a principal, only to find your project later being executed by a junior team. You will benefit at every stage from the wide range of experience and expertise that our firm offers.

Connecting your project to the community —
and the planet

Sustainable architecture never stands alone. A new design will be part of the larger community. And this is true not merely from the visual context — but also from user and community perspectives as well.

We believe strongly that the context of community should provide real inspiration — a connection to history that helps root a new project in its neighborhood. This can be the best kind of inspiration, creating a structure that respects the past and is inspired by the future.

This passion for community context also fuels our firm’s passion for sustainable solutions. Our projects have, for decades, clearly demonstrated the link we forge between community history, social context, and sustainability: Indeed, we believe that often the greenest neighborhoods and buildings are the ones already built.